Project Management as a Career

There is nothing more stressful than being thrown into the deep end at work and not knowing how to effectively and efficiently manage projects. Therefore, it is essential that you are continuously developing your skill set. At Courses for Success we offer a Project Management Course Online. There are numerous certification and degrees available for project management; this course is designed for people in any business that are looking to learn the essentials of project management in a short amount of time. This course is specifically designed to ensure you are getting all the information you need to be confident in performing your role as a project manager!

Project Management as a Skill
If you are considering project management as a career, then it will please you to know that people with project management skills are highly sought-after in many industries. Project management certifications and/or experience on resumes are one of the main thing’s employers are looking for. You may also be considering up-skilling for your current career; or looking to learn how to better perform your job!

  • Project Management as a Career Fast Facts:
  • Project management is a skill that can be translated to many industries
  • Project management training makes you more valuable to employers and looks great on resumes
  • Project managers earn a significantly higher amount of money than those who work under them
  • You can get certified online. Some people may be looking to do a degree that will take many years; otherwise you can complete an online course in a short amount of time.
  • Get started in project management here

How to Become a Project Manager
Many people find themselves already doing the role of a project manager without even knowing! Project managers are anyone who is leading others in anything that could be considered a project. The first and best step to becoming a project manager is to get certified online. Once you have this new set of skills under your belt, you will be ready to tackle any projects sent your way with confidence. Many of our customers find themselves being promoted to bigger projects and managing more people! Over time, we suggest people continue through our different levels of project management to ensure your skills are meeting the requirements of your job as you progress. You can get your project management certification here.

How Much Do Project Managers Get Paid?
This depends entirely on what industry you are in; in the USA the average salary is $86,000 a year with an average cash bonus of $13,500! Expanding your skill set and gaining experience dramatically affects how much you will earn as a project manager.

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